Digi Backer

Manages digital marketing campaigns, designs marketing materials and content for the company’s social media site and web page.

  • Plans, schedules & executes all digital content
  • Creates & edits quality multimedia marketing content such as videos, photos, presentations, flyers, etc
  • Designs printable flyers for listings, open houses, etc.
  • Designs printable business cards, door hangers, brochures, etc.
  • Designs digital promotions or ads to promote a certain product
  • Creates & updates scheduled digital marketing content for all digital platforms
  • Manages & upkeeps digital marketing calendars
  • Content Creation
  • Create captions & descriptions for marketing materials
  • Create logos, banners, and other digital company representation tasks
  • Brainstorms & evaluates emerging technologies
  • Recognizes & adapts to the new digital trends
  • Measures the success of each digital marketing campaigns
  • Researches on the business industries’ competitions

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