Cyberbacker Prime

  • Daily Call List Preparation
    • Prepare a call list of the clients for the day, add links to the Google Drive if necessary.
  • Email Management
    • Manage, maintain, and oversee email and other communications between leads and clients to ensure nothing gets missed. Sending reminders, files, and important team announcements are also part of email management. The CB Prime can either communicate as if s/he’s the one writing the email or they can communicate on client’s behalf.
  • Calendar Management and daily to-do list
    • Plot schedule and reschedule (from clients). Includes managing the To-Do list and prioritization of tasks based on urgency. This also means sending reminders or confirmation texts/emails and preparing files needed for the meeting.
  • Zoom Calls
    • CB Prime can host all the Zoom calls and manage the waiting room. If the client goes over a few minutes on the current call, CB Prime can communicate and let them know that the client will be with them shortly so they won’t leave the waiting room.
    • CB Prime can record all Zoom calls and send it to clients if they request for a copy.
  • Database Management
    • Research personal information such as date of birth, phone number, email address, social media accounts, etc. (data mining).
    • Update lead information upon contacting them.
  • Other Ad Hoc tasks
    • Data entry
    • Build, implement, and manage systems
    • Create and maintain an operations manual that documents all systems and standards
    • Management of all office needs including equipment, supplies, and service contracts
  • Tools
    • G Drive
    • Google Calendar
    • Zoom Phone

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