CRM Software Administrator (Tech and Services)

CRM Software Administrator Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain existing dashboards
  • Build list in CRM for leads from lead generating social media platforms and other sources
  • Check and remove junk and non-US Companies and contacts
  • Add new Companies and contacts
  • Append missing information from new Companies and contacts
  • Manage engagement of existing in-house platforms (e.g. Chat Box, Comments feature)
  • Support Business Development Team, Marketing Team and Account Managers
  • Build filters for Account Managers as needed for prospecting
  • Give weekly update on inbound activities and email results/analysis on Monday Sales call
  • Pull direct numbers and additional contacts from Out of Office emails
  • Build list for Marketing and Business Development Teams emails
  • Keep track of registered attendees for webinars and make sure the Business Development Team has a call list after each webinar
  • Dups/Merging Companies
  • Dups/Merging contacts
  • Clean up old lists built in CRM software
  • Remove contacts with no activity
  • Remove contacts with titles that the organization does not market to
  • Fill in missing job titles and personas
  • Delete or update all contact no longer here – email bounces
  • Adjust territories when needed
  • Train new employees and all Account Managers on new features in CRM software
  • Keep Account Managers updated on HubSpot features via videos
  • Add and/or remove employees in CRM software
  • Review with the CRM software representative and give feedback
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