Getting a Higher Return on Investment of Time -- Hire a Cyberbacker Now!

Getting a Higher Return on Investment of Time – Hire a Cyberbacker Now!

Hire a Cyberbacker? You might have heard the word ‘Cyberbacker’ continuously, yet until now, you still have no idea about Cyberbacker or what a Cyberbacker does. 

From the word itself, a Cyberbacker is someone who has your back, and it is also the name of the job description of your assistant. Your Cyberbacker is your partner, and you work together on completing various tasks, keeping you highly accountable, motivated, and more efficient. We’ve gone ahead and looked at them in-depth, taking numerous personality assessments, numerous interviews, and even numerous background checks.

Why should you hire a Cyberbacker?

Hiring a cyberbacker can be your next best investment. We do not have the luxury of time to accomplish several tasks in one go, but having a cyberbacker can help you leverage and have your things done immediately, especially when these tasks are menial and time-consuming. A cyberbacker can also lend you a hand when you want to step up your game or grow and promote your business. 

Our purpose is to provide world-class online service to world-class business owners — and that’s you! No other investments can match our greatest asset, and that’s our people. Getting a cyberbacker is not the same as getting a virtual assistant because you’re getting yourself a business partner. We only hire the best, and less than 2% of our applicants are accepted, making them the cream of the crop. We scan around a hundred resumes to find that single cyberbacker who we believe is high-caliber quality. 

Cyberbacker aims to give back the time to the ones that matter the most, your family. We’re committed from the beginning up until the end, from helping you increase your efficiency, to doubling up your productivity. Discover the full potential and explore the endless possibilities of what we can do. With Cyberbacker, we can do more. Partner with a cyberbacker now!

Hire a cyberbacker now! Start here.

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The Five Things People Need To Know When Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are everywhere, and they are dynamically improving the lives of business professionals, at the same time, obtaining jobs globally where work of this nature is otherwise hard to come by. Years ago, when I founded Cyberbacker, I was inspired by the lives of people I saw first-hand in the Philippines who were living in poverty and needed jobs just like the ones my company and I offer every day. Over the last four years since we founded Cyberbacker, we have developed a proprietary system of not only interviewing, but fully vetting superior candidates for virtual assistant positions all over the world. So far, we’ve employed over one thousand Cyberbackers and we’re still growing strong. There’s a secret to our success because we’ve time-tested the challenges that most people face when hiring a virtual assistant. Read more…

Hire a cyberbacker now! Start here.

CyberBacker Is More Than A Virtual Assistant (And Craig Goodliffe is More Than Just Your Average CEO)

Craig Goodliffe, Real Estate expert and CEO of CyberBacker, is no stranger to innovation. Since 2002, he had spearheaded a thriving real estate empire, growing exponentially with each passing year. By 2015, he was a high-level MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems) coach for other real estate agents and finding success at every turn.

One constant that ran through Goodliffe’s ventures was the concept of remote work and virtual assistants. By the time Goodliffe was off and running with his agency The Good Life Group, selling as many as 203 homes in a year, his entire staff was virtual. Goodliffe saw the benefit of tapping into the potential of virtual assistants. It all began with one woman.

Needing help during the early years of massive growth within his real estate company, Goodliffe did what many business owners do and turned to the internet, in this case, the job listings on Craigslist. He was looking for an assistant, someone to do the behind-the-scenes administrative duties so he could continue mentoring, training, and being the face of the business. He found Daphne. Read more…


Hire a cyberbacker now! Start here.

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