Work Reimagined: Cyberbacker’s Fun Approach to Success and Profitability

Work often seems synonymous with stress, monotony, and long hours. That’s why one company set out on a mission to revolutionize how we view it. Cyberbacker, a leading provider of virtual support services, has gained recognition for its unique approach to work, prioritizing fun and enjoyment as an essential part of the daily routine. The company’s commitment to putting the fun back into work is refreshing and has proven to be a recipe for success.


A Culture of Creativity and Innovation

At the heart of Cyberbacker’s success is a culture that encourages creativity and innovation. The company recognizes that happy and engaged employees are more likely to come up with fresh ideas, problem-solving solutions, and innovative approaches to their work. This approach makes the work more enjoyable and drives the company’s competitiveness and growth.


“I’ve often heard it said that there can be no growth within your comfort zone, and no comfort within the growth zone, and I find this to be true. At Cyberbacker, we encourage our team members to grow beyond their comfort zone through positive reinforcement and support of their various talents, which leads to growth for the business.” -Cyberbacker CEO, Craig Goodliffe, as featured on Chief Executive, Putting the Fun Back in Work


Team Building and Bonding

Fun at work is not a solitary experience at Cyberbacker. The company emphasizes team building and bonding activities beyond the usual office happy hours. Regular team meetings, virtual games, and collaborative projects help build strong relationships among cyberbackers, creating a sense of camaraderie and making work feel like a fun, collective effort. “At Cyberbacker, we have a session that we do with everyone via Zoom called “Unplugged.” This is an opportunity to shout out team members who are doing an exemplary job, to recognize people in a positive way, and allow people to flex about what they feel they are doing right,” Craig shares.


Celebrating Achievements

Acknowledging and celebrating successes is a core component of Cyberbacker’s culture. The company believes in recognizing and rewarding both individual and team achievements. It boosts morale and instills a sense of pride and accomplishment among the workforce.


Investment in Personal Development

Cyberbacker strongly emphasizes the growth and personal development of its people. The company offers opportunities for continuous learning, skill enhancement, and career advancement, enabling cyberbackers to excel in their current roles and aspire to new ones.


Listening to Employee Feedback

One of the key drivers of fun at work is giving employees a voice. Cyberbacker actively seeks and values each cyberbacker’s feedback, using it to shape company policies, initiatives, and the overall work environment. This approach empowers its people and makes them feel like active contributors to the company’s success.


Bringing Joy to Clients

The enjoyment and enthusiasm that cyberbackers bring to their work don’t just stay within the company’s walls. They are channeled into delivering exceptional virtual support services to clients. A happy and motivated workforce naturally translates into satisfied clients, fostering strong partnerships and long-term business relationships.


Cyberbacker’s commitment to putting the fun back into work is not just about enjoying the daily grind but creating an environment that promotes creativity, innovation, collaboration, and personal growth. “At Cyberbacker, we have a division called “Funbackers.” This team is tasked with checking in on the emotional wellbeing of the other Cyberbackers within the company. For example, if someone reports that they are feeling lonely, these Funbackers are there not only to validate that emotion, but also to try to help that Cyberbacker work through it. Funbackers at our organization play a crucial role, and it’s important to clarify that they are not volunteers; they are paid team members. Their primary focus is on addressing the human and emotional side of our employees. Essentially, they’re there to ensure that everyone on our team feels great because we believe that when people feel good, they perform at their best. Funbackers contribute significantly to creating a positive and vibrant work environment, ultimately contributing to our team’s overall success,” Craig adds. This approach has significantly impacted the company’s success, leading to increased productivity, higher employee retention rates, and a positive corporate culture that shines through in its client services.


Cyberbacker is a shining example of how work can be productive and enjoyable, proving that a fun work environment can drive success, profitability, and a counterbalanced work and personal life that everyone aspires to achieve. By setting the standard for a new way of approaching work, Cyberbacker is paving the way for other organizations to follow suit, fostering a happier, more engaged, and ultimately more successful workforce.

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