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Will - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

I have only had 1 Cyberbacker. I have had her for over a year now. She is wonderful. Very responsive and well trained.

Will D.

J.d. Iles - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

I started using Cyberbacker in the 3rd quarter of 2022 - Jas has been AMAZING! She learned the inner workings of a large, complex team... Read more

J.D. Iles

Nancy 2 - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

My Cyberbacker is friendly, always on time, and great attention to detail! It's really helped me leverage my business!

Nancy S.

Quantella Simmons Kinard - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

Brigitte has been an amazing addition to our team. She has dispelled all of the fears I had about working with a virtual assistant. Once we get all of our SOP's in place- the sky is the limit!

Quantella S.K.

Kevin Craig - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

Nellie is awesome Cyberbacker. She is attentive and her attention to detail is superb. This is the kind of help that I need. She exceeds my expectations on so many levels, I've been working for 50+ years and I've never had someone doing this kind of stuff for me! Cyberbacker produces caliber workforce and I'm glad I got a keeper.

Kevin C.

David Heine 1 - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

Not only does Cyberbacker connect you with a virtual assistant, but the systems they have in place are par to none. 1. Cyberbacker ensures that your assistant not only is competent, but they have personality and trait assessments to instill further confidence in your decision. And 2, the ongoing training that Cyberbacker offers allows even further leverage than your typical VA outfit. Would highly recommend!

David H.

Sean Seward - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

My cyber backer Alexander has been wonderful. He learns fast and stays on task and run circles around the locals we used. The dedication to work and education is evident. I would highly recommend!!

Sean S.

Jenni Holdeman - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

Cyberbacker has been a great partner for our business. Our CB Julie is absolutely wonderful! Her focused efforts are producing appointments and even in the tough market we are in right now, she never gives up. She's a great asset to our team. And I love all the support CB offers her.

Jenni H.

Bob Massing - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

I've been trying for years to find an ISA who could do the job better and more consistently than I could. Cyberbacker brought me 4 candidates, any of whom would have been highly qualified. My backer has been a pleasure to work with and has gone above and beyond in any of the tasks assigned. She is getting all the work done that I didn't have time to complete. Best of all the support team of Cyberbackers has educated, coached, and supported her better than I ever could have. This is a great business model.

Bob M.

Natalie Gold - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

My Cyberbacker is unbelievable. I give her the blueprints on my ideas and she creates and executes them almost immediately. Being a small business owner and having just opened our doors, it was a critical piece to my puzzle. The fee was affordable and well worth it. Highly recommend.

Natalie G.

Terri Carl - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

The on boarding process is tailored to your unique needs. My backer is so fantastic ! She handles all my admin needs with professionalism and completes them in a days task. This keeps me accountable for my business and my database is nurtured the way it was meant to be

Terri C.

Danielle Johnson Fallanne Jones - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

Our team has been working with Cyberbacker for almost 2 years and we love it! The communication is always on point, and they don't just find you the candidates, they prepare them for your industry and support them throughout!

Danielle & Fallane

Becky Vidana - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

I’ve been using Cyberbacker for just over three months and it has been an amazing experience. The processes that they go through to help you find your perfect person is very thorough. They are amazing at communicating with me regularly to check in with me. They are consistently in training my VA in the things that matter to me. So far, I have nothing but good things to say about Cyberbacker and I highly recommend them if you are looking to expand your team or grow your business.

Becky V.

Madeline Herlache - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

I recommend Cyberbacker wholeheartedly. We had used other Virtual Assistant companies in the past and they pale in comparison to Cyberbacker. The coaching, training, and mindset offered by Cyberbacker is game-changing.

Madeline H.

Kenya Kay Arnett - Virtual Assistant Services In United States

My first Cyberbacker, Donna, just completed her first 30 days with me. I've been extremely impressed with her dedication to learning her role and her enthusiasm for accomplishing our goals together. She has learned so much in 30 days and I am very excited and optimistic about what we'll accomplish together this year!

Kenya Kaye A.


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