Cyberbacker: bridging talent with opportunity

“Linking talent and possibilities across the globe”

Filmed and produced by Acumen Media as part of ‘The Forum Interviews’ series. For more information please visit: AcumenStories

In a world brimming with untapped talent, the adage, “Talent is everywhere. Opportunity isn’t,” rings with resounding truth. The assertion reflects a stark reality: the potential for brilliance and skill exists universally, yet the avenues to harness and channel these abilities into opportunities remain unevenly distributed. Geographical boundaries and socio-economic factors often dictate the accessibility of opportunities, creating a disparity that transcends talent alone.

“It doesn’t matter what side of the world you are born on, there is high caliber talent everywhere. Opportunity however, isn’t always as plentiful,” CEO Craig Goodliffe encapsulates a sentiment shared by many who acknowledge the wealth of talent dispersed globally. This recognition underlines the significance of creating platforms that bridge this divide, enabling talent to flourish irrespective of location.

In modern business landscapes, leveraging skills and talents from diverse corners of the globe is not just beneficial but imperative. The importance lies in several key aspects… Read More…

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